about Andy Yen

Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought.
I hold it to be inalienable right of anyone to do it in his own way.

Andy Yen is an independent curator also an Artist. Born in 1985, Taiwan. Now working and living in Taiwan and Shanghai.

His background of education started with visual art, then cross-disciplinary in fashion design, especially in pattern and fabric printing. After a fashion design he studied and worked in curatorial field. Familiar with Asian art, design and culture. He is good at Interdisciplinary curating, planning, integrating, management of artistic and cultural activities.

In addition to the identity of the curatorial art project , he is also an interdisciplinary artist with a strong personal visual language . Commit to creating different forms of art, his work between art and design, mainly in the field of design, fashion, video, installation, performance and other fields. He has been curated and involved in various international exhibitions, art fairs and art residency programs.

Representative projects include ” UBS Bank : Art and Enterprise Charity Project “, ” Taiwan Pattern Design Festival “, ” Asia Illustration Fair “, ” Taipei Illustration Fair “, ” Taipei Free Art Fair “, “Tianjin Taida Art Festival “, Art works : ” Organs without body “, ” Demon in the Mirror “, and so on.



台灣跨領域藝術家,有著強烈的個人視覺語彙,主要在視覺創作外,創作媒材涵蓋到設計、時裝、影像、裝置和表演等。目前參與過國內外各種不同的展覽、藝術博覽會、以及藝術駐留計畫。在藝術家的身份之外,他同時也擅長策劃與整合。2006年,成立「自由人畫會」,並發起「自由人藝文資訊」網絡平台。2009年,成立「自由人工作室」,嘗試和不同領域的創作者文化創意、媒體應用、展演策劃、跨領域整合創作發展。 2012年成立了自己的服裝品牌「Organs without body 無體」,將創作延伸至另一個領域,同年也於台灣成立展演替代空間「自由人藝術公寓」、「自由人藝術設計股份有限公司」, 以藝術創造為出發,跨領域整合為方向,試著探索藝術文化的無限可能。


Andy Yen Born in Taiwan at 1985.
Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts. Doctor of Applied Arts, National Chiao Tung University. Master of Fashion and Communications Design, Shih Chien University. Bachelor of Fine Arts with minor in Drama, National University of Tainan.Taiwan-based artist Andy Yen has approached multidisciplinary fields of creation such as visual art, fashion, multimedia, installation and photography. As an interdisciplinary artist with a strong personal visual style, he is keen on creating different forms of art and also specializes in interdisciplinary integration. Andy Yen has exhibited his works in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Taipei, Tokyo, New Delhi, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.Andy Yen’s works between art and design. He also with some of the units like Swatch, Twinings tea, Nike…so on have been cooperation art projects. He organized “Freedom men Art Organization”, an active young artist collective in 2006. Furthermore, in 2012, he created his own clothing brand “Organs without body” taking his creativity to a new field. In the same year, he has made his way towards art and creativity and founded an alternative art space “Freedom Men Art Apartments” and build “Freedom Men Art & Design Co., Ltd.”.