2010 CONVERSE @ TAIWAN 實踐大學時尚與媒體設計研究所 移動工作室 | STUDIO IN MOVE

| 移動工作室 | STUDIO IN MOVE |
| CONVERSE @ TAIWAN x 實踐大學時尚與媒體設計研究所 顏寧志 林韋達 陳瑋婷 |

CONVERSE與實踐大學時尚與媒體設計研究所 顏寧志 林韋達 陳瑋婷 合作

Pneumatic Sculpture
From Body Space to Public Space
This is a Moving Studio.

You can use this studio to do anything in anywhere. From private space to public space.
It made by pneumatic. It’s recycle, convenient, temporary and fun. The most important is it can follow everyone’s inclinations.